Why, what when?


What questions to ask

42 is as good an answer as any when you ask questions like “What is the meaning of life the universe and everything?”

So this blog will stick to questions that could have a real answer in the future. Will the answers be discovered next week or in a million years time? What kind of question is that? Some questions are more fun to ask than others. Why ask dull questions?

As this is my blog, I will concentrate on Astrophysics, Cosmology and religion. So questions like: Are dark-matter and dark-energy just names for error terms? Do gods exist? Why is one god the current fashion over the many gods preferred in the past? I will stick clear of questions like: Why are women obsessed with shoes?

Dangerous questions:

Should some questions never be asked? Do we really want to know the answers to some questions? Do we know what questions we will really regret asking?

  • Is the universe a computer simulation?
  • Is life on Earth just a bug or glitch in the simulation.
  • Is someone trying to fix the bug right now?
  • Are gods high level subroutines in the simulation that create worlds?
  • Does someone have their mouse over the “End simulation” button right now?
  • In Genesis, someone said, “god created us in his image.” That is like calling god a primitive balding monkey with no tail and bad eyesight etc. Do I want to know what punishment that guy got?
  • How long do I have to live and how will I die?
  • What happens if I press this?
  • Is that a real gun?
  • What happens to people that can prove gods or aliens exist?
  • Is big bang cosmology a concept implanted by aliens to dead-end our technological development?

Awkward questions:

Just asking some questions will upset people. Some will upset friends or relatives others scientist or religious people.

  • If your parents had not been religious would you believe in god?
  • Why is there a picture of a postman in with my old baby things?
  • Any question about angular momentum in astrophysics.
  • If you were a god would you want people to get down on their knees to you?
  • Did god really make the Earth or did he buy it ready-made?
  • If the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing why can we detect nothing in the last ten million years?
  • Can we ever spend enough money on dark matter detectors to prove it does not exist?

My questions:

Coming soon in this blog.

  • What could dark matter be?
  • Are there alternatives to standard cosmology? (Would I ask the question if I did not think so?)
  • Where does the angular momentum is galaxies come from?
  • When a protostar shrinks from light-months across down to only a few light-seconds where does the angular momentum go?
  • Would civilisation exist without religion? Have we really evolved beyond the need for religion?
  • Are all religions base on social control mechanisms?
  • Are prophets and messiahs a violation of the prime directive?

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